Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things to do at Disneyland while pregnant....

So i've been thinking a lot lately about all the things i'll actually be able to do at Disneyland while my lovebug is still in my tummy. Here is what I came up with....

Ride the tram

Hang with characters


Ride It's a Small World

Watch the little show at Princess Fantasy Faire


People watch

Eat ice-cream

Watch people ride in the tea-cups and get nauseous

Watch Billy Hill at the Golden Horshoe

Eat chili cheese fries

Pee again

Ride Jungle Cruise

Sulk in front of Indiana Jones

Eat bacon wrapped asparagus at Bengal BBQ

Pee for the 100th time

Shop around a little bit and think of what will still fit you in a few months

Watch the parade

Ride Winnie the Pooh

Eat a churro, or two, or maybe three

Ride It's a Small World again

Pee (have I seen every bathroom in the park yet?)

Sit on a bench

Ride the train around the park, four times

Watch the fireworks

Send your husband across the park to get you sweet potato fries, and maybe another churro

Pee one last time before going back to the tram

Go home grumpy because your unable to feed your Space Mountain addiction

Remember it's all because of the most amazing thing that's about to happen to us. And it's so completely worth it!

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